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Unique gemstones, recycled gold, and an ethical design and creation process are all integral elements of jewellery brand Maqé’s “post-cool” ethos. The label was founded in 2019 by Kim Lenders and Karjan Vloon, whose combined career backgrounds encompass fashion to finance. The label spotlights intricately woven, fabric bracelets set with natural-looking precious and semi-precious gemstones held in 18k recycled gold, platinum, and silver settings.

Based between Amsterdam, where Kim lives, and Ibiza, where Karjan resides, the label has honed an aesthetic that draws on organic colours and textures. Designed to be worn by both men and women, Maqé’s bracelets are woven using a macramé technique in tones of grey, blue, green, and black, and are set with a variety of stones prized for the energy that they’re said to impart. Among them are aquaprase, to restore a sense of balance; blue sapphire, to enhance personal and spiritual growth; rose quartz, to foster compassion; and green jade, to encourage wisdom. Alongside the styles offered, each bracelet can be customised with your choice of fabric, stone, and setting. Each stone is entirely unique, with Maqé’s founders choosing them precisely because of their beautiful irregularities and inclusions. Kim and Karjan call the stones’ inclusions “a piece of history stored within,” adding that “inclusions are the proof that the ethically sourced gemstone is real...and we see them as something that makes a piece one of a kind.” The stones’ cuts are also unique to Maqé, and all meet the brand’s responsible mining standards. The label has added rings to its repertoire, too, with the Abundance Ring designed as a striking cocktail ring in 18k rose gold, and set with an aquaprase stone whose inclusions evoke the look of an expansive sky. Step into Maqé’s stylishly ethical universe, and explore the collection at Auverture.