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In Mizuki Goltz’s skilled hands, nature’s precious orbs are transformed in highly modern and sculptural ways. Mizuki puts Tahitian or cultured pearls at the heart of every design. These precious saltwater treasures are characterised by an organic-form and have a flawless lustre. Their colours are unique spanning perfect white or dark and metallic hues and sit almost as if suspended on gold hoop earrings, elegant single pearl necklaces and opened ended cuffs. Often, Mizuki will cast pieces with diamonds, while leather bangles designed to wrap around the wrist are punctuated with silver or white pearls. As a result, no two pieces are ever alike.

The jeweller was born in Tokyo and raised in New York. Prior to launching her fine jewellery brand in 1996, she studied sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in New York. An appreciation for clean lines and architectural forms has stayed with her ever since.

The refinement that resonates from each piece has to do with the fusion of eastern and western influences. For instance, the signature side cross necklace she designed not long after creating her brand, draws on her eastern background. Even her name Mizuki, given to her by her grandmother, symbolises purity, vitality and fluidity – key elements used in eastern design that also transpire in her own unique aesthetic.

Mizuki draws creative inspiration from the sea and ever-changing shorelines. For her, the continual movement of sand, water and rocks is what makes her tick. She likes to infuse her unique pieces with a contemporary fashion edge and loves the organic shapes that create a contrast in her minimalist designs. Indeed, for this eclectic jeweller, the organic and natural beauty of the pearl continues to inspire ever-greater heights of creativity.