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Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik’s designs prove that glamorous fine jewellery can be playful, too. The New York-based, Brazil-born Glik is known for his enchanting Kaleidoscope collection, made up of pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings that capture loose diamonds and colourful stones within a white sapphire, so that they move with the wearer. These captivating pieces echo the way in which colourful stones move in a child’s kaleidoscope, hence the collection’s name. 

Moritz began his career as a shoe designer in Brazil, before turning his attention to jewellery design when he moved to New York in the 90’s. Moritz notes that one of his most important inspirations is antique jewellery, with his designs fusing this vintage starting point with a contemporary mood. “Even though I use so many diamonds, I try to do something understated,” Moritz tells Carat Vice magazine, adding that his pieces can be worn with jeans as much as they can adorn a high-octane evening ensemble.

Among Moritz’s most striking pieces are 18k yellow gold cocktail rings set with white sapphires that hold loose white diamonds. These bold rings are edged with black enamel, to lend an added graphic touch. Moritz’s Kaleidoscope pendants, meanwhile, are designed in 18k rose, yellow, and palladium grey gold, and spotlight loose stones such as chrome tourmalines, yellow, rose-cut diamonds, and blue sapphires, that dance within their white sapphire casing. 

Moritz Glik’s designs shine with an easy glamour and lightness of touch, and whether worn to elevate the everyday or to mark a memorable moment, they lend the wearer an effortless elegance. 


Moritz Glik