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Our ambition with Auverture United : make a long term impact in the fine jewellery industry


Auverture began in 2016 as an online destination for creative fine jewellery that celebrates individuality.

At the time, we launched by gathering a community of 10 like-minded designers who shared that same vision and objective.

Four years later, as our beloved community of designers, customers, and followers has grown, our mission remains the same. We are anti-mass production, against plagiarism, and opposed to cutting corners for the sake of commerce.

The commercialisation of the luxury industry has had the unfortunate effect of turning distinctive design into a standardised style. The unique identities of fine jewellery designers and their highly-crafted creations are concealed behind a glossy curtain, limiting the opportunity for personal expression from craftsperson to customer.

At Auverture, we are committed to providing a supportive platform for fine jewellery, where individuality is nurtured and not ignored, and where distinct points of view can find common ground through creativity.


In March 2020, when COVID-19 hit the world, we launched Auverture United as an initiative to provide financial support for independent designers.

This initiative was so well received that we decided to then think about new ways to build on the project over the coming months. To do this, we created a series of limited-edition #Auvertureunited bracelets and designed our first drop, the Malachite Green, in collaboration with Maqé.

Currently, only a few pieces of this first limited-edition design remain, and we are very proud that its success means we have been able to provide concrete support to some of our designers to help them through these difficult times. We are going to create 6 more bracelets, among which the next one will be launched at the end of June.



The heart-warming reaction to Auverture United from our designer community, customers, and followers, alongside the industry and press, made us decide to take this initiative a step further, looking for a way to make an impact over the longer term. As we write, we have assembled a committee of designers and industry experts to map out this plan.

We envisage that Auverture United will ultimately become a platform for true collaboration in creative fine jewellery, to unlock the full potential of this art. Auverture United will become a curated, formalised coalition that shares knowledge and resources and works towards shared goals such as safeguarding traditional crafts and sustainability.


We see Auverture United as a place where we can co-create jewellery and where we maximise our combined reach. A platform that will connect world-class artists with a global community. The platform will be led by a committee of designers and industry experts, with its daily operations run by the Auverture team.


We don’t say it enough, but since Auverture’s beginning, we have been so thankful for and proud of our strong community of customers and followers. Your support is key and we couldn’t have built Auverture without you. We wish more than anything to keep you on board, and give you the opportunity to become an actor on our journey.

To achieve the ambitious Auverture United project, we will use as hub and fund Auverture United through drawing 10% of all sales. In the meantime, all proceeds from the forthcoming Auverture United Rainbow bracelets will be allocated to the Auverture United platform. Whether through the dedicated Rainbow bracelet collection, or through the funds drawn from Auverture’s profits, all purchases made on Auverture will ultimately contribute to creating a sustainable fine jewellery industry.

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