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Parts of Four

Parts of Four is a reimagining of contemporary jewelry with a total disregard for classical norms and trend based fashion. Non-seasonal and non-gendered, the brand uses the exploration of material, process and form as a basis to create an expanding body of work that builds upon itself rather than looking outwards. Parts of Four exists in a vacuum, without reference point, and attempts to maintain a ‘standing wave’ that steadily grows in intensity, layering onto itself over and over until it has defined a signature foundation of it’s own.

Parts of Four was established in 2012 and is designed by Evan Sugerman, an American artist and sound synthesist. He studied fine art at the University of California Santa Cruz, with an emphasis on multi-media installations rooted in mechanical movement and reactive sound environments.

Inspiration is absorbed in everyday life, countless times a day, but the process of creation the designer employs for this brand has become self-reflective and void [as much as possible] of external inspiration. Obviously everything is based on something else, it would be absurd to argue that any idea is truly unique, but Parts of Four does his best to keep that referencing subconscious. He has found a sort of Zen quietness in this self-imposed darkness and within that peaceful place he tries to allow the forms to define themselves in the most non-conscious way possible, arriving as bursts of inspiration or found through empirical process. The latter much more akin to the work of an engineer than a designer.

Music is certainly the most important influence. Whatever is playing in the studio, at a given moment, has an immensely impactful role in defining what is made. The designer is an obsessive music collector and changes the playlist daily, this is basically the only barometer he has for change.


Parts of Four