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Pippa Small

A globe-trotting life – and ethical approach to jewellery – are among the touchstones for London-based jeweller Pippa Small’s designs, which are prized for their colorful, mesmerizing stones and bohemian, hand-worked quality.

The Canada-born designer travelled the world as a child with her mother and siblings, visiting locales such as north and east Africa, the Middle East, and India, with Small infusing that sense of wanderlust into her jewellery design process today. Indeed, she works with grass-roots organizations in areas such as Kabul in Afghanistan, Yangon in Myanmar, and Panama and Bolivia to both source materials and craft select pieces from her collections.

As for the stones she works with, Pippa doesn’t discriminate between the precious and semi-precious. When she does work with diamonds, Pippa picks the uncut variety, which she prizes for their “rocky” quality. She sets them into designs such as the Foilback Diamond Teardrop Earrings, fashioned in hand-crafted, deliberately irregular chandelier shapes in 18 karat yellow gold, and set with the flecked diamonds. And the designer is just as likely to spotlight crystal – the star stone in her Mughal Dreams collection – as a covetable stone, alongside spinel, turquoise, moonstone, and pink tourmaline.

Having launched her collection in the Nineties, Pippa’s line has seen such growth that she’s opened her own boutiques in London’s Notting Hill and Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighbourhoods. Added to that, one of her pieces was shown at Washington’s Smithsonian museum, as part of its exhibition “Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan.”

With their human touch, striking tones, and ethical heart, Pippa’s designs have a timeless quality, and are just as likely to be passed down through the generations as they are to be worn today.


Pippa Small