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Q&A with Gaelle Khouri


Following the launch of her new collections HOMAGE TO KANDINSKY AND STEINER and AS ABOVE SO BELOW, Auverture designer Gaelle Khouri answers a couple questions for us, have a look:

What is the inspiration behind the new collections?

HOMAGE TO KANDINSKY AND STEINER AS ABOVE SO BELOW are a collective of evocative designs inspired by the complexities of theosophy and categorised by the two signature design directions ABSTRACT – TWISTED CLASSICS and PIECES DE RESISTANCE.

The latest collections continue to explore my fascination with the intangible realm of the human mind, I immersed myself in the complexities of theorist principles; which touch on humanity, spirituality, science and art.

HOMAGE TO KANDINSKY AND STEINER – Projective Geometry, Spirituality, and Art is an ode to the works and philosophies of two great theorists, Rudolph Steiner and Wassily Kandinsky. The collection attempts to harness the idea of the development of abstract art into a spiritual vision in general.

Rudolph Steiner strived to apply his knowledge of mathematics and philosophy to spiritual experiences, founding the relationship between progressive geometry and the evolution of consciousness. Wassily Kandinsky, renowned for his colourful abstract geometric artworks, was significantly influenced by the work of Steiner and explored the latter’s perspective, which led him to believe in the spiritual properties of abstraction. His work strived to connect forms and colours to thoughts and feelings. He believed that his artwork could help views perceive the inner form of things and reach higher spiritual planes by stimulating emotional responses or in his words, “vibrations”.

Fascinated by both artists and theorists’ notions relating geometry and art to higher spiritual dimensions, the collection HOMAGE TO KANDINSKY AND STEINER of ABSTRACT-TWISTED CLASSICS pieces is a distillation of the works and philosophies of these great theorists.

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AS ABOVE SO BELOW is named after Theosophy founder Helena Blavatsky’s “Law Of Correspondence”. By way of a starting point; I chose to look at the parallels Blavatsky drew between macrocosms and microcosms, in which she suggests that they are a mirror of each other, akin to the human lifecycle and the earths seasons, reflected also in the lifespan of a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, and the universe itself.

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The collection AS ABOVE SO BELOW of PIECES DE RESISTANCE represents this interlinked system and their powerful cyclical forces.

Can you tell us about your creative process? Is it the same for each collection?

It is actually quite difficult for me to describe the design process as ideas and figures of potential pieces will come to me quite often randomly. Creativity for me stems from the inside, not outside. Inspiration does not relate to what I see, but to what I experience emotionally. The pieces I created are sort of my inner voice, they are a tangible form of my emotions. What is outside, like nature for instance, is simply “raw products” to help translate the emotions and put them into the “final product” which is the actual piece.

However, the difficult part is ensuring that the concept and final design translates into a wearable piece. It is here that you need to make sure that the technical part of design and production is done with the utmost level of expertise.

I think the evolution of my designs is impacted by two main factors: Firstly, the continued development of my personality – my thoughts and emotions are the catalyst to my creativity. Secondly, the constant information and insights I get from what is around me and what I see whilst considering what I think the market wants. Consumers’ behaviour is changing and evolving fast, in terms of products wanted and service sought. It’s important to understand the change and be able to provide consumers with what they’re looking for while remaining loyal to my own creativity and preserving the DNA of the brand.

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