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Two days of stunning earrings and strategically placed piercings. The 9-10 September saw us open the doors of The Amsterdam Auverture Gallery to host the Auverture x Bibi van der Velden Piercing Party. Each of our guests met our expert ear stylist, Piercer Joe, who curated their ear with a fresh, strategically placed piercing. Laying their piercings out in a way that best complemented the unique shape of their ear.

After all, no two ears are the same. Whether large, small, fuzzy, funky, pointy, rosy, peachy we wanted to celebrate and embrace our ear-ferences! And with 39 clients pierced across the two days of the party, that meant plenty of happy guests and a lot of beautiful ears leaving the gallery and lighting up the streets of Amsterdam.


Our carefully curated selection of products  No two ears are the same, and no two studs are either. To give our guests the best possible chance of finding the perfect stud and the best strategically placed location to pierce their ear, we provided a selection of exclusive pieces from some of the best brands and designers from across our collective. As well as Bibi van der Velden, this included:  Pippa Small: Famed for her ethical approach to jewellery, Pippa Small is well known for her use of colourful, mesmerizing stones and the bohemian hand-worked quality of her pieces. Having travelled and worked all over the world, a sense of wanderlust is infused into her jewellery design process.

Sophie Bille Brahe: Drawing on a Scandinavian design aesthetic in her work, Sophie Bille Brahe creates fine and delicate jewellery with a distinctly modern appeal. She’s famed for her use of pearls and the cosmic appeal of her designs. Delfina Delettrez: As a globally-acclaimed designer, Delfina Delettrez Fendi is most well-known for her original use of figurative surrealism and natural iconography, including featuring hands, eyes, bees, and lips across her collections. Anita Ko: Simplicity and grace are often used to describe Anita Ko’s designs. Fashioned with only the most refined of diamonds, her collections showcase the striking beauty of these wonderful stones. Pamela Love: The personal and spiritual association of jewellery plays a huge part in Pamela Love’s designs and creations. Influenced by architecture, astronomy, alchemy and botany, her approach is one of creating a powerful and emotional connection through jewellery. For the two days of the Piercing Party, the Amsterdam Auverture Gallery was also adorned with earrings designed by the likes of Fernando Jorge, Eva Fehren, Alice Cicolini, Noor Fares, and Ana Katarina, amongst others.

A little about Piercer Joe  Choosing the right piece is just the start. Joe’s expertise was essential in helping our guests to find the ideal place on their ear to pierce, as well as making sure the process was smooth and the result beautiful. He was able to provide each of our guests with a personal and memorable experience. 


Joe is from Amsterdam’s Piercing Boutique – a staple on the Amsterdam piercing scene for 11 years and one of the leading piercing stores across the Netherlands. Each of Joe’s piercings at the Piercing Party was done with his individual expertise and knowledge using a single-use, sterilised needle, manufactured and intended for use in body piercing. 

You can see the quality of Joe’s work from the many happy guests leaving the Piercing Party. Celebrating and embracing our ear-ferences The purpose of the Piercing Party was all about the individual nature of our ears and celebrating and embracing our ear-ferences. And it’s something that we encourage everyone to do. From choosing the right pieces for your ears and working with an expert like Piercer Joe, it’s the best possible way to love your ears. 

We’ll no doubt be hosting another Piercing Party at The Amsterdam Auverture Gallery in the future. In the meantime, you can view our exclusive Ear Party Collection on 


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