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Semi-Precious Stones in Fine Jewellery


In the hands of Auverture’s designers, semi-precious stones and minerals, with their unique colours and inclusions, are just as appealing as the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires that have traditionally dominated fine jewellery designs.


Indeed, writing in The Jewellery Editor, Claire Roberts notes that semi-precious stones’ “vivid hues and fascinating inclusions and natural patterns...are inspiring jewellery houses to break the aesthetic codes of high jewellery in thrilling new ways,” with these stones creating “surprising and beautiful new effects.”

And the International Colored Gemstone Association has in fact eschewed the term “semi-precious,” given, the organization says, that “a fine Pariba tourmaline” can be more valuable than a ruby, emerald, or sapphire.


Rough Pariba Tourmaline- Photo by Stone Art Traders

Brent Neale employs semi-precious stones and minerals to bring a unique intensity of colour and playfulness to her designs. “I like the layering of colour and texture,” Brent tells the New York Times of her proclivity for contrasting precious and semi-precious stones. “It’s fun for the eye, and you can incorporate any colours you want.”

Take a look at Brent’s Diamond Magic Mushroom pendant, with twinkling white diamond dots set into the Peruvian coral mushroom, or her stunning Bezel Set Sapphires ring, which spotlights candy-coloured sapphires set into rainbow moonstone.


Magic Mushroom Pendant- €5,584


Bezel Set Sapphires ring- € 9,690

Brooke Gregson, meanwhile, is drawn to the healing qualities of the minerals and gemstones she works with, alongside their painterly colours. Her talismanic pieces spotlight stones such as iridescent boulder opals – said to boost creativity and offer protection - one of which is surrounded by pink sapphires and diamonds in this Talisman Opal Sapphire Diamond Cuff.


So too, Noor Fares is inspired by what she calls the “ancient beliefs in the healing energies of stones and minerals,” designing her pieces around sacred geometric patterns to enhance the stones’ healing powers. Noor’s Sri Yantra White Opal Carved Amulet is fashioned from carved rock crystal, opal, and mother of pearl, with its design based on the Sri Yantra symbol, which is used in mediation to calm the mind. And her Upratna Amulet is set with vivid stones that span garnet to carnelian to lapis. These stones chime with the Indian Navratna concept of nine gems, said to bring astrological balance to the wearer.


Sri Yantra White Opal Carved Amulet- €2,350.00


Upratna Amulet- € 4,500.00 Christina Alexiou, meanwhile, one of Auverture’s latest designers, spotlights semi-precious stones often in a raw, uncut state, to showcase their natural beauty. In this one-of-a-kind cocktail ring, an aquamarine stone with mesmerizing inclusions takes centre stage. And a radiant, deep green tourmaline gleams in another of Christina’s one-of-a-kind cocktail rings.


One of a Kind Green Tourmaline Ring- €5,500

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