Jodhpur Miniature Leaf Ring Pink Amethyst

This beautiful ring holds a light pink amethyst at its centre, and is designed in 22k yellow gold. Its rounded shape is adorned with vitreous enamelling, with green leaf patterns on the gold...

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€ 10,080.00
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Product code: AC6RI
Jodhpur Collection
Alice's passion for jewellery began in a small room in the Mehrangir Fort in Jodhpur, inspired by a jewellery box belonging to one of the maharani's of the Royal Family. The Jodphur collection is a small homage to the original source of Cicolini's inspiration.
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Alice Cicolini
Alice Cicolini’s jewellery represents a melting pot of global influences. Based in London, the Central Saint Martins-trained jeweller has her designs hand crafted in Jaipur, India, by artisans who are expert in the meenakari enamelling technique. This practice, which originated in Persia before becoming established in Jaipur, sees vibrant enamel colors infused into engraved gold jewellery.