Silk Route Diamond Ring

Alice Cicolini’s Silk Route collection is inspired by the historical trade route that wound from China through to Northern Turkey until the mid-Fifteenth Century. With that rich touchstone,...

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Silk Route Collection
The Silk Route collection is a journey through motif and shape, across the vast landscapes of this famous trade route from Northern China to Turkey. Juxtaposing incrementally different forms and patterns together encourages a new assessment of familiar, traditional motifs – the objects are of India, but not Indian, redolent of China but not Chinese. The form of this ring takes inspiration from the lotus bud on Krishna's crown.
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Alice Cicolini
Alice Cicolini’s jewellery represents a melting pot of global influences. Based in London, the Central Saint Martins-trained jeweller has her designs hand crafted in Jaipur, India, by artisans who are expert in the meenakari enamelling technique. This practice, which originated in Persia before becoming established in Jaipur, sees vibrant enamel colors infused into engraved gold jewellery.