Saturn Chains Stoned Earrings Rose Gold

These delicate drop earrings are set with Tahitian pearls suspended on fine chains, representing miniature Saturns floating in space. The planet’s rings are formed from 18k rose gold and are...

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€ 5,780.00
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Product code: AA10ER
Cosmic Escape
A collection inspired by the mystery of our universe combined with a playful 90´s aesthetic. Cosmic Escape is a youthful exploration into the secrecies and enchantments of worlds beyond our own. These galactic pieces are created using graphic geometric shapes, fine craftsmanship, 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold as well as semi-precious and precious gemstones.
Auverture Presents
Alina Abegg
Alina Abegg likes to look beyond the confines of Earth for inspiration for her jewellery designs, taking her cues from the wider solar system and alien life forms to create her playful and glamorous pieces. Her Cosmic Escape collection spotlights rings fashioned in the shape of alien faces – which the designer says stem from her “90’s obsession with aliens,” crafted using gold, white agate, tourmalines, and diamonds, while other ring designs take inspiration from the forms of crop circles or UFOs.