Eye Love Ring

This captivating Eye Love Ring is inspired by the Lover’s Eye jewellery of the 18th Century, that would feature images of a loved one’s eye, as a discreet token of affection. The Eye Love Ring is...

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Eye Love collection
Anakatarina Design’s Eye Love pieces are hand carved by a 4th generation master carver and are entirely customizable. Before the creation of the custom pieces begins, we connect with you. It is a very personal process in which we help you choose the best image of your lover’s eye, Ana Katarina chooses to use only the Left eye because it is in line with the heart. Once the sketch is approved by you, the piece is then carved by a master carver into blue agate. The different tonal qualities of the eye cameo are formed by the depth of the carving. creating a one-of-a-kind and dynamic objet d’art. The cameo is then set in one of the Eye Love, Eye Feel, Eye See settings or in a custom setting that you create with Ana-Katarina. The piece is then delivered to you, where it becomes a lifelong stunning personal signature.
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Ana Katarina
Creating ethically-minded jewellery is integral to Ana-Katarina’s work. She crafts her designs using reclaimed, recycled, and fair trade precious metals and stones, and is a member of the Ethical Metalsmiths and American Gem Trade Association. And given her experiences on the frontline, Ana-Katarina also fuses her work with a political point of view.