The Buttercup Yellow Bracelet

Our 2nd Auverture United Rainbow Bracelet is a limited edition of 50 pieces and is called the Buttercup Yellow Bracelet. Designed by Auverture’s founder Bibi van der Velden in collaboration with...

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The Yellow color's energy combined with gold properties
A colour that’s said to represent optimism, happiness, and creativity, yellow has an energy all of its own. It’s also a colour that’s evocative of the sun and the summer, something we’re particularly craving after a spring spent inside our homes.

And alongside being beautifully uplifting to look at, some believe gold has a healing, restorative effect on the body. With this noble, precious metal fashioned into a finely-crafted flower, it captures the beauty of nature, too.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes: Making our rainbow bracelets
Our bracelets are crafted at an atelier in Bangkok, renown for its high quality fine jewellery ateliers, by a group of skilled artisans who work on each aspect of the piece by hand.  Around 16 artisans’ detailed work goes into each piece.

We know this under the radar atelier for over a decade now and we trust their hand-worked techniques that go into making each bracelet a unique piece.
The best is yet to come...
The Buttercup Yellow Bracelet is only the 2nd design out of 7 #AUVERTUREUNITED rainbow bracelets that we will design in collaboration with our designers and launch in the coming months. We decided to launch this project to further benefit our Auverture United cause. We want to make an impact over the longer term and become a curated, formalised coalition that shares knowledge and resources and works towards shared goals such as safeguarding traditional crafts and sustainability.

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