Mammoth collection:

Mammoth Egg Earrings

For the ‘Mammoth Eggs Earrings’ the 40,000 year-old fossilised woolly mammoth tusk has been carefully carved into a series of three egg shapes that are graduated in size and come...

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Mammoth Collection
How 40,000 year-old fossilised woolly mammoth tusk made its journey from the melting permafrost in Siberia right to the centre of Bibi van der Velden’s modern day collection is a compelling story in its own right. In the Mammoth Collection, each inimitable piece stands alone as intriguing artwork. All come carved to perfection in a myriad of different shapes, with some even taking on the form of prehistoric animals that are then inlaid with 18ct gold and dotted with precious stones.
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Bibi van der Velden
If you like simple strings of pearls or plain diamond rings, Bibi van der Velden’s jewellery won’t be for you. If you’re fond of the edgy and different, then take a very good look. She’s primarily a conceptual artist, and jewellery, or what she calls “wearable art”, is just one of the avenues she uses to explore new ideas. Her collections range from the weird and wonderful to the fantastical, and one of the most intriguing is Mammoth.
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