Scarab collection:

Scarab Ring Wings

A real, iridescent scarab wing adorns the back of this 18k yellow gold and sterling silver ring’s beetle motif, embellished with brown diamonds. The beetle is set on an 18k...

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Scarab Collection

The Scarab beetle was used as a motif in Ancient Egypt times, today they are farmed as food, and considered a delicacy in Thailand. That often means that the beetles’ gleaming wings in vivid blue and green peacock colours that are made by nature and impossible to reproduce, are discarded. But with her Scarab Collection, the designer celebrates the wings for their beauty, pairing them with 18ct gold and a selection of precious gemstones including brown or white diamonds, tsavorites and sapphires.

Auverture Presents
Bibi van der Velden
If you like simple strings of pearls or plain diamond rings, Bibi van der Velden’s jewellery won’t be for you. If you’re fond of the edgy and different, then take a very good look. She’s primarily a conceptual artist, and jewellery, or what she calls “wearable art”, is just one of the avenues she uses to explore new ideas. Her collections range from the weird and wonderful to the fantastical, and one of the most intriguing is Mammoth.
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