Pink Marble Sky Bubble Ring Large

The Sky Bubble Ring is designed as a smooth, orb-shaped cocktail ring, that makes a beautifully unique statement. This ring is hand-carved in pink marble and inlaid with 14k yellow gold bezels of...

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€ 1,215.00
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Product code: BP9RI
Auverture Presents
Bleecker & Prince
Dividing her time between New York and Tel Aviv, Bleecker and Prince's founder and designer Leehe Segal had previously designed custom jewellery for private clients, before starting Bleecker & Prince in 2012. Segal was moved to pour her creative impulses into her own jewellery line, noting that she had “always felt that edgy often compromises on quality, and heritage brands tend to be a tad stuffy…Bleecker & Prince is the love-child of these two conflicting states of mind.”