Euterpe Heart Rhino Beetle Ring

Named after the Greek muse Euterpe, known as the “giver of delight,” the stunning Euterpe Heart Rhino Beetle Ring is fashioned in the motif of a beetle in 18k pink gold. A shining...

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Product code: DV15RI
Auverture Presents
Daniela Villegas
"I have always been inspired by nature, it's where I go to reconnect with the world, to be at peace, it makes me happy," says Daniela Villegas, the LA-based jeweller behind the brand that bears her name. Originally from Mexico, Daniela channels her curiosity for nature’s nuances into whimsical and innovated pieces. Many of her influences come from her childhood. She grew up surrounded by strong women such as her glamorous jewellery-loving great-grandmother for whom it seems, life was one long fiesta.