Fusion collection:

Fusion Ear Cuffs

This ‘Fusion Ear Cuff’ winds around the edge of the right ear and is set with white diamonds and clear topaz. The ear cuff itself is crafted in 18k white gold. It's sold as a single...

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€ 8,210.00
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Product code: FJ38EC
Fusion Collection
Inspired by a word that quite literally means a process of joining two or more entities together to form a single one, Fernando Jorge’s collection is an exploration into the inner workings of the natural world. Science and the explosion of atoms provide the lynchpin for this exquisite collection.

All of the smooth contours that have come to be expected of this talented Brazilian designer are evidenced here, lit up by gemstones including clear topaz, pink opal and white diamonds carefully cut in a jagged fashion to contrast with the rest of the pieces’ smooth and fluid appearance. The result is a series of ‘small universes’, sculpturally complex and undeniably very beautiful.
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Fernando Jorge
Glimpse the alchemy that goes into creating the unique jewellery designs we carry on Auverture. Here, we go behind the scenes at Fernando Jorge. We become the spectators seeking an overview of the whole creative process. What we see leads us to understand exactly how Auverture’s jewellers have arrived at some of their most bewitching pieces.