Karma Belcher Necklace

Part of Foundrae's "Karma" collection, the 'Karma Belcher Necklace' is crafted in 18ct yellow gold. The 28-inch necklace holds two medallions; one 15mm medallion crafted in 18ct yellow gold with blue...

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Product code: FO17NE
Life & Arts
Alongside being inspired by mysticism and spirituality, Beth is influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement, which spread through Europe and America from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. Its central tenet was to champion artisanal skills, a reaction to the increasing industrialisation of society. The designer embraces that idea with her jewellery’s intricate, hand-worked details.

Stones, too, are important to Foundrae’s aesthetic, with the designer working with onyx, said to develop inner strength; lapis lazuli, which represents truth and enlightenment, and garnet, which according to the designer “lights our own internal fire.” Beth, who moved to New York in the 90’s after growing up in the U.S. states of Ohio, Texas and Illinois, chose Foundrae as a name to honour both her love of found objects and her grandmother’s middle name, Rae. Evidently Beth has inherited her grandmother’s creative streak, as like the designer she works with vintage materials, employing them to create artisan goods.