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Diamond Octopus Earrings

These striking Diamond Octopus Earrings are a true conversation point. Fashioned in 18ct white gold and 18ct rose gold, the octopi’s heads and legs sparkle with white diamonds, while at the centre...

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Life & Arts
Khouri notes that her upbringing in Tripoli has an influence on her designs, particularly the treasures that she’d see on display at the Gold Souk, the oldest in the region. Her pieces also often adorn the hands and the fingers, a focal point for jewellery in the Middle East.

And after looking at natural phenomena, Khouri’s second collection, “Soft Deconstruction,” has a similarly significant theme – the contrast between the outer, physical realm and the inner world of thoughts. Designs such as the Self Portrait earrings play on the shared attributes of different life forms, as the drop earrings are designed to resemble skeletons that become amorphous beings. “My designs and creativity are very much linked to my emotional state,” says Khouri. “In each piece I create something physical out of abstract and conceptual things like feelings, which drives my passion.”
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