Deco collection:

Fan Earrings

With an angular, Art Deco appeal, these earrings are fashioned in 18ct yellow gold in a chic fan shape. The folds of the “fans” are edged with white diamonds, lending a subtle sparkle.

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Product code: IM25ER
Deco Collection
The cool, clean lines of the Art Deco movement inspire this Ileana Makri collection. The jewellery is fashioned in strong silhouettes, such as the 18ct yellow gold Fan Earrings, rendered in a flattering, angular shape that mimics an unfurled fan, and edged with tiny diamonds. And the Deco Fantasy ring is a bold, round design, studded with green and yellow sapphires. Vivid colours play an important role in the collection, too, with pink and orange sapphires, tanzanite, and deep green, chrome diopside all lighting up the designs.
Auverture Presents
Ileana Makri
Glimpse the alchemy that goes into creating the unique jewellery designs we carry on Auverture. Here, we go behind the scenes at Ileana Makri. We become the spectators seeking an overview of the whole creative process. We uncover the explanations behind the inspirations, while our cameras scan the surroundings, workspaces, objects, or books that help to inspire.
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