Baroque Ring

Designed in 18k white gold, this open cuff-style ring is set with a silver, baroque South Sea pearl at one end, and a black rustic rose cut natural diamond at the other, with the...

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€ 22,170.00
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Product code: MZ19RI
Auverture Presents
In Mizuki Goltz’s skilled hands, nature's precious orbs are transformed in highly modern and sculptural ways. Mizuki puts Tahitian or cultured pearls at the heart of every design. These precious saltwater treasures are characterised by an organic-form and have a flawless lustre. Their colours are unique spanning perfect white or dark and metallic hues and sit almost as if suspended on gold hoop earrings, elegant single pearl necklaces and opened ended cuffs. Often, Mizuki will cast pieces with diamonds, while leather bangles designed to wrap around the wrist are punctuated with silver or white pearls. As a result, no two pieces are ever alike.