Moon Phase Ear Climber

The ‘Moon Phase Ear Climber’ comprises four 18k rose gold discs. Each disc is marginally different from the one before and uses pavé blue sapphires to depict a different phase...

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Product code: PL10ER
Spiritual and Intuitive
Pamela Love’s creations are deeply spiritual and intuitive, and her designs radiate with an unmistakable aura of modern urban mysticism. Astronomy, astrology, alchemy, botany, the American South West and the architecture of her home town - New York City - heavily influence the designer.

She also incorporates traditional tribal artisan patterns from North Africa, Mexican folk art, and medieval European iconography into her designs. You only have to look at her ‘Pavé Frida Earrings’ to see that the motifs of Mexican and South Western culture that inspired them.
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Pamela Love
Glimpse the alchemy that goes into creating the unique jewellery designs we carry on Auverture. Here, we go behind the scenes at Pamela Love. We become the spectators seeking an overview of the whole creative process. We uncover the explanations behind the inspirations, while our cameras scan the surroundings, workspaces, objects, or books that help to inspire.