Dornano Small Padlock Necklace

Designed in 18k yellow gold, this pendant is fashioned in the shape of padlock, and encrusted with white diamonds. The stones are cast directly into the molten gold, for an appealingly haphazard...

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€ 6,805.00
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Auverture Presents
Polly Wales
Polly Wales never ceases to be amazed by the alchemy that happens when a piece of her jewellery first takes shape. "It's magical, it's mysterious, it's in the lap of the gods," says the London-born jeweller who today, creates exquisite pieces from her LA studio. The award-winning British jeweller studied fine art sculpture before retraining as a jeweller at the Royal College of Art. She launched her eponymous jewellery brand in 2010, with the premise of developing pieces that spoke to those seeking an alternative to "perfect, shiny things." Not one for following traditional jewellery rules, Wales prefers an element of imperfect beauty, which occurs naturally in each of her gem-encrusted pieces. This also fits with her love of ancient jewellery and the inspiration it continues to provide.