Lollipop Pendant Bi-Color Tourmaline

With its bold, graphic lines, the Lollipop Pendant represents Retrouvai’s modern take on mid-Century glamour. This pendant is designed in 14k yellow gold and is set with an emerald-cut piece of...

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Product code: RT14NE
Auverture Presents
LA-based jewellery designer Kirsty Stone makes the connection between the ‘then’ and ‘now’ in every piece she creates. It could explain why she chose the French word Retrouvaí, which translates as 'to reconnect with something from your past' as the moniker for her distinctive line of modern heirloom jewellery. Indeed, she founded her brand on the notion that “the contents of a woman's jewellery box are passed down through generations, picking up lifetimes of stories along the way.”