Half Pearl Brooch Pin

This brooch lends the traditional pearl a subtle twist. Designer Yuta Ishihara places half an Akoya pearl at a 45-degree angle and coats it with 18k yellow gold. Set on an ultra-fine, 18k yellow gold...

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Product code: SH16BP
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For Tokyo jewellery designer Yuta Ishihara, who designs under the label Shihara, less is more. His jewellery stands out for its clean, delicate lines, with each piece meticulously constructed to reimagine the mechanics of jewellery design. “Instead of adding by design, I subtract,” Yuta tells National Jeweler. Take Shihara’s earrings, in which Yuta seamlessly fuses function with form. The Diamond Square Earrings are fashioned as a cube, of which one side acts as the post of the earring. When worn, the cube appears to float on the ear, for a subtle, striking, and modern appeal. Yuta is also known for crafting his designs in graduated sizes, so that they can be worn either as small, unobtrusive pieces, or as bolder designs, to make a strong statement.