Reptilia collection:

Blue Chamaeleo Ring

The distinctive ‘Blue Chameleo Ring’, fashioned here from 18k gold, has a highly textured surface that is enhanced with a scattering of diamonds and coloured stones set into the piece. This ring...

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Product code: VX3RI
Reptilia Collection
Eugenie Niarchos of Venyx captures the unique skin and texture of the crocodile, alligator, turtle and other scaled creatures in her instantly recognisable ‘Reptilia’ collection. Their undulating armour-like forms appear here as distinctive, otherworldly textures on rings, necklaces and earrings. Gold is encrusted with diamonds and precious gems that interact with light, adding texture and a dimension of colour on the surface of each piece.

As this also happens to be her launch collection, ‘Reptilia’ also helped laid the foundation for her fictitious ‘Venyx World’. To her, it’s a science fiction-inspired planet full of the brightest, psychedelic colours, a place where fantasy animals with a passing resemblance to crocodiles, alligators and the like, roam.
Auverture Presents
Glimpse the alchemy that goes into creating the unique jewellery designs we carry on Auverture. Here, we go behind the scenes at Venyx. We become the spectators seeking an overview of the whole creative process. We uncover the explanations behind the inspirations, while our cameras scan the surroundings, workspaces, objects, or books that help to inspire.
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