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Silvia Furmanovich

Silvia Furmanovich might hail from Brazil, but she draws on a wealth of global inspirations in her jewellery collections. The designer’s ornate, exuberant designs take their cues from age-old artisanal techniques from countries that span India, Egypt, Japan, and Italy – alongside her native Brazil – to create pieces that make a dazzling statement. 

It could be said that jewellery design is in Silvia’s blood, with the jeweller having watched her father Salvador Longobardi at his craft as a goldsmith, while her Italian great-grandfather acted as a jeweller for the Vatican. She set up her own studio in 1997, and endeavours to spotlight both gold and precious stones in her designs, alongside more unexpected materials, such as woods and coral.

Indeed, Silvia’s Marquetry collection is crafted from pieces of woods native to the Amazon, hand-worked by craftsmen in the region. The designs bear patterns and images fashioned from the wood, with their posts formed from contrasting, sparkling stones such as citrine, blue topaz, or green tourmaline.

And the designs in her Indian collection resemble tiny works of art, with scenes of lush forests or elegant birds etched out in paints that have been made from powdered gems, including blue lapis and green malachite, with the earrings crafted in wood, shells and 18 karat gold. They’re inspired by Silvia’s lengthy travels through India, where she was fascinated by miniature paintings that had been made for Rajasthan royalty.

With this fusing of intricate, skilful techniques and beautiful materials, Silvia’s aesthetic is truly one of a kind.


Silvia Furmanovich