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Talisman Necklace Mondo Quartz

Talisman Necklace Mondo Quartz

By Parts of Four
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The Talisman series is an exploration into the power of natural crystals. Tools for Magic. The crystals used in these pieces are discovered through adventure and are hand selected. Each piece is unique and special.

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Parts of Four is a reimagining of contemporary jewelry with a total disregard for classical norms and trend based fashion. Non-seasonal and non-gendered, the brand uses the exploration of material, process and form as a basis to create an expanding body of work that builds upon itself rather than looking outwards. Parts of Four exists in a vacuum, without reference point, and attempts to maintain a ‘standing wave’ that steadily grows in intensity, layering onto itself over and over until it has defined a signature foundation of it’s own.


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Talisman Necklace Mondo Quartz

By Parts of Four
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