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Supporting designers during the Corona crisis


To our loyal client and designer community, Over the past few weeks, we have watched with shock and disbelief as the rapid and unsettling spread of the coronavirus has taken hold in communities around the world.

Most importantly, we hope that at this challenging time you and your loved ones are healthy, safe, and well looked-after.

We don’t know what’s coming next, or what the global impact of COVID-19 will eventually be. However, we have seen that while undoubtedly devastating for those directly affected by the virus, the crisis has brought people together, inspired creative solutions, and made it clear what role we all play in supporting one another. At Auverture, we have realised that our founding purpose remains unchanged, and forms the basis of the role we can play today. We founded Auverture four years ago to create a nurturing, supportive environment for creative fine jewellery, to unite independent artists as a designer family, and to connect them with clients from around the world. When you are part of a family, you have each other's back, and, especially now, it is time to unite and take care of one another.

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The coming period will be tough and our independent designers and their small businesses will be fighting to survive. We believe it is our duty to help our designers during these uncertain times. To do this, we have set up The Auverture Designer Fund, pledging financial support to designers during the coronavirus crisis.We’re doing this because we believe this is how we can most valuably help our community, and because we believe in the strength of our designer family and the positive role their creations play in our world - which holds true before, during, and after these trying times.

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The fine jewellery we showcase at Auverture, created with love by skilled craftspeople around the world, will always have the power to inspire and make people dream. And to make a true impact in supporting the designers behind these creations, and growing The Auverture Designer Fund, we need your help.

Over the next three months, all proceeds from jewellery sales via will be donated to our designers in need via The Auverture Designer Fund. We will put all our resources and efforts in the coming months into working towards this cause. To demonstrate our commitment, we will launch the fund with an initial sum of €10,000. If you believe in the power of creativity and unity to help independent designers survive, we’d ask those who feel they can to invest in our independent designers by donating to the fund or buying their pieces online.


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