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The Buttercup Yellow bracelet, in collaboration with Christopher Thompson Royds


For the second piece in our Auverture Rainbow Bracelet series, we’ve collaborated with British artist and designer Christopher Thompson Royds.

Christopher joined Auverture earlier this year, and his jewellery stands out for how it captures the wild, untamed beauty of the natural world in precious form.

Having studied jewellery and metalwork at London’s Royal College of Art, Christopher creates designs that span sculpture and adornment.

His Against Nature collection is composed of wildflowers sculpted from 18k gold, that can be displayed as a beautiful object, which when taken apart can be worn as earrings, a brooch, or a necklace, depending on the design. 


For his take on the Auverture Rainbow Bracelet, Christopher took inspiration in what we've all experienced during this spring "I think when lock down was first announced, I went into shutdown – it seemed apocalyptic – all my galleries were closing, exhibitions cancelled or postponed, friends and clients thinking of how to keep safe. Luckily though, I was in the countryside where the steady progression of seasons turned from wintery bleakness to the exuberance of spring.  It was grounding to see trees burst into leaf, fields turn from muddy brown to vivid green."  


Like the designs in Christopher’s Against Nature collection, the buttercup on the bracelet is sculpted from gold, and is inspired by the designer’s perpetual fascination with nature. ”Throughout the lockdown, you’ve been able to hear the birds, and this spring you could really see the season changing. Now the trees are fully in leaf and flowers are everywhere,” says Christopher. “Nature has really been brought to the fore of people’s minds. That’s perhaps why people are being drawn to it, it’s all around us. Now we are entering summer and a different colour palette, the meadows are yellow with buttercups."


"The Buttercup bracelet is a response to this; a talisman or worry bead to reconnect us to nature, to remind us that things continue. I wanted it to be on thread, to use the language of friendship bracelets to encourage people to give them, as children do in playgrounds, to remind each other we are not alone and are being thought of in these isolating times. The reflection of gold and yellow...I think it just works. It’s positive, it’s really happy, and is easy to wear,” says Christopher of the design. Indeed, he envisages the delicate piece as something that is “precious, but that you can wear every day.”



"When I first came across Christopher pieces they awakened a deep feeling of nostalgia in me.  Nostalgia to the English countryside where I grew up. I remember the fields around our house that used to colour completely yellow with all the buttercups. Quintessentially English, just like Christopher himself."

"Christopher as a designer is a true craftsman who makes each piece himself, in a small studio in the middle of the English countryside, surrounded by the nature he portrays in his work. His beliefs as an artist are completely in line with what we stand for within Auverture and therefore he is the perfect partner for our 2nd bracelet within the Au United Rainbow collection. He’ s about true craftsmanship, slow art versus something which is mass produced."


"Buttercups are associated with humility which l find very apt in this period. I think the situation we find ourselves in has a very humbling effect, we have all been affected in some way or another. Because of this humility and the fact that we all are in the same boat people are connecting in ways they didn't before, reaching out and supporting each other in so many different ways. Literally building rainbows."

"Besides, buttercups were dedicated to the goddess Freya, the goddess of love, fertility and birth. With the proceeds of this bracelet we hope to contribute to the conception and materialisation of someone's dreams in the support that our fund gives to the jewellery community."


All proceeds from the bracelets’ sale will go toward Auverture United, which will benefit the independent designer community by sharing resources, safeguarding crafts and work towards a sustainable fine jewellery industry. And Christopher mentions ass well that the collection’s purpose is important to him, too.

“In these times of crisis, I think it’s important to give back how you can, whether that’s designing something that helps other people, or making things that help other people raise money for a cause you’re fond of. Or on the other side, as the consumer buying something where the money goes towards something,” says Christopher, who during the lockdown period has also designed limited edition Forget-Me-Not earrings, the sales of which have raised £8,500 for the British domestic violence support charity Refuge. “I think we all need to stick together. And community really counts, particularly when everyone’s shut up in their own homes.”

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