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When London-based Eugenie Niarchos dreamed up her jewellery line Venyx, she didn’t just imagine adorning the body. Instead, she conceived of an entire planet that she named ‘Venyx World’. “A planet full of the brightest, psychedelic colours, the most amazing, lush plants and the most unreal animals,” is how the designer describes it. ‘Venyx World’ serves as the touchstone for her jewellery, which takes its cues from an array of ideas including the natural world, Fifties Modernism, science fiction and supernatural phenomena. Indeed, the designer’s bijou Mayfair showroom is filled with mood boards populated with a mix of images of Bond girls and tropical fish and books on alchemy.

After studying fine jewellery and diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America, followed by a spell working at Christie’s Fine Jewellery Department in New York, Eugenie launched her line in 2013. Before this, she dipped her toe into designing jewellery, creating pieces with her jeweller friend Gaia Repossi and designing costume jewellery collections for Azzaro, in Paris, where she grew up.

But now the focus is on her often-fantastical designs. Venyx’ s ‘ Reptilia’ collection, the first Eugenie designed, spotlights organic looking pieces that hug the contours of the wearer’s body. For instance, there’s the rose gold ‘Lady Gator’ ring, fashioned in a shell-like shape textured like an alligator’s skin and encrusted with tiny diamonds.