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Vogue France: Digital crush: We found the first online jewelry curiosity shop


With tortoiseshell, scarab beetles, fossilized shark’s teeth and rare corals, Bibi van der Velden brings together the most unusual of materials on the singular jewelry she designs and curates for sale on her e-shop, Auverture. Unique.

Her own collections have already earned her a reputation as a jewelry design Indiana Jones, for her focus on some of the more unusual treasures of nature, both animal and mineral. When Bibi van der Velden isn’t busy sourcing fossilized mammoth tusk, preserved in ice for 40,000 years; scarab wings for a pair of statement earrings, or a set of opals for a galaxy ring created with Tahitian pearls, the Dutch designer turns her attention to her jewelry colleagues working with equally unconventional materials.

It’s a passion for the obscure that she has translated into Auverture, a beautifully designed e-shop for unique fine jewellery, featuring the work of Gaelle Khouri, Monique Péan, Ileana Makri and Delfina Delettrez, along with their inspiration moodboards. A digital curiosity shop that stages the extraordinary work of jewelry’s new-generation explorers beautifully.

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Vogue Paris 06.01.17

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